More – A Universal Way To Deliver Videos

  • March 5, 2010

Playtform.comPlaytform is a new video platform that is singled out by its uber flexibility. Using it, you can publish a video just once and then have access to a universal link for reproducing it just in any phone that has video playback capabilities.

That is, independent from API or device knowledge you will have a video that anybody could play. From a technical viewpoint, that is made possible because this service relies on Amazon infrastructure to have the videos delivered to the destination devices. This is all the more valuable in today’s mobile scene, as there are so many handheld devices inundating the market that sometimes incompatibility problems arise. This platform takes care of the conflictive parts (IE, codecs, screen sizes and every other transcoding facet), and it lets you focus your energy on actually coming up with a compelling video to share.

It is important to mention that this service will be of use not only when you intend to deliver videos to mobile devices, but also when it comes to desktops. Videos are delivered to personal computers using Amazon infrastructure as well, with all the inherent speed advantages that this entails.

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