More – Letting Software Developers Collaborate

  • November 17, 2010

PlayNice.lyPlay Nicely is a collaboration platform for software developers. The ones who are in charge of any project will be able to set milestones, assign tasks to the right members of the programming team and then track the way in which everything is progressing by merely glancing at the provided dashboard.

In addition to that, bugs become instantly trackable via audit trails that showcase exactly when did any issue materialize, and what was exactly done in order to rectify what was wrong.

And the ability to integrate code commits both from GitHub and Subversion is also a great plus.

Four paid plans are available, and everybody is catered for: freelancers, small teams and large agencies. You can tell one plan from the other by looking at the number of supported projects – the cheapest plan (Small) comes with support for only five, and the most expensive one (Unlimited) is true to its name – it will let you start as many projects per month as you need.

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