More – Easily Creating YouTube Playlists

  • October 15, 2010

PlayinUrTubez.comPlayinUrTubez is a generator of playlists for YouTube. It has the distinct advantage of being usable without having to sign up first.

That is, you can proceed to load the provided interface and then start adding one video after the other. And when you are done, others will be able to see what you have put together and have a good idea of what your musical tastes are like.

And not only can you create a playlist without having to sign up for the service, you can also create a playlist even if you don’t have a YouTube account. That turns PlayinUrTubez in a truly open-ended service.

Of course, if you have a YouTube account you can link PlayinUrTubez to it and save the selections that you have individualized, in the order that you have arranged them

to be played.

Both videos and playlists can be looked up by keyword and by username, so that finding something to share (and the ones to share it with) couldn’t be simpler.

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