More – Where Mobile Gamers Meet & Connect

  • November 2, 2009

PlayHaven.comI am not a big gamer myself. But I was one formerly, and while the current multiplayer phenomenon has passed me by I can realize its magnitude, and the potential userbase that any service or platform which is based on it will have by default.

This new site is geared at one section within that exceptionally large group of individuals: gamers that play through their iPhones. It is a spot where they can discuss just anything they like about their best-loved titles such as tips and strategies, and join different in-game fan communities so that they are instantly connected with like-minded individuals.

The number of games on the App Store is anything but negligible, and gamers are equally rabid there as in any other platform. I am not surprised – games today often redound to a degree of attachment that was unthinkable before, since people are no longer playing on their own. This website will empower all these mobile gamers to indulge in their passions and socialize at the same time. And that will be more than enough for most of them, frankly.

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