More – Get The Right Things Done

  • March 21, 2009

Playground-HQ.comHave you ever seen a project fail because of missing or misunderstood requirements? Playground lets the business people express what they need in a casual, non-imposing way. Designers and developers can give them feedback, and the requirements get clarified in the process.

Everybody has full visibility into the project scope and, yes, also to all the changes made to it. That helps both the client and the vendor to track the project scope and be ready for change.

The main focus of the application is on textual analysis of requirements. When an idea can be better expressed visually, it’s easy to attach a wireframe, screenshot, or any other document that illustrates the idea.

When everybody agrees on what needs to be done, the project leader can plan the implementation. Requirement owners track the progress and are notified when their feature has been implemented. This way, the whole team stays closely connected and has a far better chance of producing exactly what the client wants.

The service is provided to design studios, software vendors, freelancers as well as non-technical business owners who want to have more control over the direction of their projects.

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More – Buy Your Kids A Tree House

  • July 29, 2008

DanielsWoodLand.comIf you thought only Bart and Lisa Simpson were allowed to have a Tree House, you were in a deep mistake. Through Danielswoodland.

com, you can access the best fantasy tree house you could have ever imagined for your children. However, Daniels Wood Land has its own differential: its tree houses already come with their own tree. People at this company love tilted windows and think a bent roof just looks more fun. Your family’s play set doesn’t have to be an eye sore; leave the swing sets and traditional playgrounds to your neighbors down the block and give your family a lifetime of memories with the most imaginative tree house a kid ever had. At the homepage you’ll see some samples of how your tree house could look like, featuring pictures, videos, and news. Browse the categories on the left navigation bar, where you’ll access the whole stock of products available at this store.

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More – Play Systems For Children

  • June 2, 2008

Detailedplay.comWhen you were just a kid and climbed trees you probably dreamed of having one of those tree houses or huge games on your backyard. There were no companies that could build them for you, so it was just a dream.

Now it can come true. Yes, you can buy a wooden swing or play set for your kids to enjoy. At you will find all the information you need to know about these games. Detailed Play will help you install the affordable, safe, and durable products they offer. Since 1998, this company has created games for your children to have fun and learn as well as offered around 50% off the cost. In the website you will find the swing set plans, for you to be able to afford your kids’ game. You will be able to check out the catalog so you can choose among a variety of models. Check out more information at

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