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  • September 22, 2010

PlaybookIQ.comPlaybook IQ is a web-based CRM application that can be used by sales and marketing teams to organize their leads and ensure transactions don’t fall through at the last minute.

Contacts can be managed, relationships with clients can be fostered and the different members of your team will be capable of collaborating among themselves at all times.

The extensive messaging capabilities that are provided make that possible. Team members will also be able to search past conversations in order to determine who said what, and when.

This web-based application can be tried for free to begin with, and once the trial period has come to an end (that is, after 30 days) you will be able to pick any of the four paid plans that are featured: “Solo”, “Small”, “Mid” and “Large”. They call come with the same features. The one and only difference is how many users are allowed – this ranges from only one (the “solo” plan, obviously) to up to 25 (the “Large” plan).

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