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  • November 12, 2008 is a flash game arcade with a twist: you don’t need to read in order to use it.

Sounds silly? Well, most users (kids) have trouble reading the game names and texts on sites causing them either to abandon it or nag their parents. The site uses AJAX and cutting edge client scripting techniques to deliver a smooth, easy and fun experience.

The site will auto scale into any size, and the monkey which tells you what game you’re looking at will move (fade) to the other side when you want to see what’s beneath it, making the interface intuitive and fun to use.

The site is simple. There are no texts, annoying ads, or phases to pass. You see all the games stretched out in front of you, and the monkey will tell you what each game is (not a must but sure helps is you do read).

No flash is used to build the GUI yet it acts like a flash GUI – it shrinks and grows, rescales the elements, and pin points each position. Kids are probably the ones that will get the most out the site as it’s so easy to use. Its simplicity makes visiting it an experience of itself.

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  • February 23, 2008 is your online source for internet gaming free.

You can find a wide variety of free online games that you can browse and play absolutely free. At the home page you can find the following internet games listed, space ace, boulder dash, troyis, mini golf, base jumping, splatman, spherez, bloxorz, raft wars, frozen bubble, save the sheriff, crypt raider, gutterball 2, stealth hunter, bounce around, star island, sunset racer, super miner, net blazer, prince of Persia, world drifting, turbo spirit xt, muffin star, monster truck, microracers 2, sling, smashing, typer shark, monkey lander, pie craving, super m, mammoths and naval fighter among others. Below the online featuring games list at the bottom left you can find the web site menu categories, these are welcome, faq for frequently asked questions that you might have, download, premium access and feedback.

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  • October 30, 2007

Playfirst.comDo you want to play online games and download some of the? Visit and you will find plenty of games to play on line.

This site is aimed for you to be entertained through a great on line experience. You can either play games on line or download games to your P.C. You can choose between puzzle games, action games, card games, card games and others. The bad news is that this service is not completely free. When you select a game, you get what is called a “free trial”; this free trial will allow you to play the game only for a trial period which usually is of one hour. After this trial period the game will “lock” and to “unlock” it you have to buy the game and download the “full version”. But you can try; at least you can play an hour for free.

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  • October 4, 2007

www.Games.comLooking for fun stuff? Searching for games? is the site for you.

Here you’ll find everything related to games and more. This site is organized in many sections such as: Puzzle, Card & Board, Free Casino, Word, Arcade, Downloads, and Cash Competitors. In each section you’re able to find plenty of categories organized in game listings. There’re many types of games available from the most Classic Board Games and Atari Arcade Classics to the latest. Besides, you can find a top 10 listing with a great selection of games, and a top 5 selling games listing too. This site also gives you access to Everything Poker so you can play poker online, compete in free tournaments and get the latest news on this years’ World Series of Poker. Moreover, it provides you with an Entertainment Guide which includes many categories like: City Guide, Comedy, Entertainment News, Games, Movies, Music, Radio, and Television. Check out other links to Cheats & Tips, Puzzles, Specials, and more.

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