How To Turn Your Boring Elevator Speech Into a Hot Hook

  • December 11, 2013

Elevator speeches – a 30-second pitch used to describe your business – can make or break your first impression with potential new customers. In fact, having a boring or unclear elevator speech can cause you to lose business from great prospects who would have otherwise been interested in what you do…

More – A New Platform For Mobile Payments

  • December 13, 2010

Waspit.comWe can define Waspit as a mobile payment platform that enables users to make instant (and entirely secure) transactions. Waspit works by linking your mobile number with a credit (or debit) card. From that point onwards, you can send money to any friend (or merchant) by texting him. You can use both his name and his phone number, and upon answering an authentication question you will receive confirmation that the transaction has been fulfilled. And note that you can also link your mobile to a PayPal account if you wish.

Registration to Waspit is dealt with by complying with four direct steps: supplying your personal information, specifying a crediting method, setting down your own security parameters, and choosing the mobile that will be associated with your Waspit account.

On the other hand, Waspit offers merchants the chance to implement a direct payment gateway that their customers can then begin using to make their online purchases from that point onwards. Merchants are provided with full analytics, and also with extensive API integration if they need it.

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More – Design The Living Space Of Your Dreams

  • May 11, 2010

Roomle.comRoomle is an online platform that you can use for making the living space of your dreams come true. In general terms, using Roomle you can design rooms for houses, apartments and offices and then proceed to share what you have designed with others.

That is, you can share it with your friends and acquaintances in order to get a second opinion, and you can also ask an architect or related professional in order to get the insight of someone who is truly knowledgeable. You can also have the resulting designs integrated with other applications.

The whole process takes place online, and registration comes at no cost. In actuality, you don’t even have to register if all that you want to do is give Roomle a try – the editor loads regardless of the fact you have signed in or not. It is all quite intuitive, frankly, but some placement options can be a bit tricky at first – I think that giving the provided documentation a good look is mandatory after a short process of trial and error.

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More – Experience The Internet Through Widgets

  • March 20, 2010

CobaltBox.comCobaltBox is a platform that intends to put an end to the information overload that has sadly become the defining note of the WWW. In order to do so, this platform aims to bring a fully personalized way of experiencing the Internet: using widgets that are overlaid on any page the user visits, and that are employed to display only information relevant to the user.

Of course, each user has a profile that collects his preferences. And how a widget appears on each site is also a matter of preferences.

An obvious use for this: displaying relevant items at an eCommerce site, in a way that is unobtrusive and that is also highly accurate. Links to general information sites such as Wikipedia can be included, and that can only give shoppers a more thorough experience. After all, they can learn all there is about most everything without having to stray from the page that they are viewing. They can also compare prices at sites like Amazon and eBay with no additional effort.

For the time being, only Mozilla Firefox is supported. That is the one and only browser that can display the widgets, and in order to see them you must download and install the provided plugin. There is no need to register at all, and that is always a big plus.

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More – A Platform For Social Monetization

  • March 12, 2010

Offerwall.comIt is not really that surprising to see platforms like Offerwall materialize, since social gaming is reaching an all-time high that might radically redefine the way people spend leisure time online. Platforms like Offerwall (an initiative that has been started by Boomerang Networks) are there to ensure that the payment of in-game goods is both straightforward and secure.

But in this particular there is more to it than that, since users have a ready chance to review and rate different virtual currency offers. Think of it as a social feedback system and you will get the idea.

Coming back to the ability to make payments, Offerwall accounts for direct methods such as mobile and card transactions, whereas 3rd party affiliate offers are also available for developers that want to engage players of their titles like that.

For its part, advertisers are catered for in the relevant part of the site, and they can choose from programs such as Cost per Action and Cost per Install. They will likewise be enabled to target their advertisements by age and sex. Comprehensive reporting is provided in each and every case, with the information being broken down both demographically and by country.

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More – Making Webinars Turn Alive

  • January 13, 2010

ViVu.tvAs practical as webinars are, they have many times been accused of lacking the flexibility of true human contact in which both sides are free to interact and question each other at will, and then follow up on these very same questions. ViVu is a startup that has come to the market to try and address that major shortcoming.

We could describe it by saying it is a participative platform that lets the one attending a video conference become a pivotal part of the event. This is accomplished by buying, downloading and installing the corresponding software application. This application is available both to people who run Windows and Mac OS. Users of Linux are accounted for, too.

The uses a platform like this one has are endless, but there are a couple that spring to mind within seconds. Training new salespeople over long distances is the one that came first to me, and I am sure each person will come up with a spot-on use or two. And in the event they can’t, just paying the section of the site entitled “Solutions” a visit will let anybody figure out in which ways this live video platform can be maximized at once.

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Health And Science –

  • October 1, 2009

Health And ScienceBeing able to be well informed about anything that is related to heath is positive. This blog is a good initiative started to give users the chance to collaborate in order to create a globally organized healthcare ecosystem.

In this way many users will have access to electronic health records, in addition to detailed data related to how to improve the quality and efficiency of care.

The blog’s creators wanted it to be a platform where many contributors including leaders and experts working in healthcare and life science can work together. On this site you are going to find government and public policies, as well as technology infrastructure data and much more at Health And Science

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More – Know What Is Best For You To Eat

  • September 29, 2009

TwoFoods.comWhen it comes to finding nutritional information you can crawl the Internet for hours on end, and you will discover many websites that were solely created to provide users with detailed data about a variety of meals. This is quite a convenient service, isn’t it?

One of the best things about this site is the fact that it gets data from Platform. in order to deliver accurate results you will find truly useful. Twofoods gives you the chance to make an instant comparison between the nutritional data of different meals in a very simple way. In essence, this is a good way to know what would be more convenient for you to eat depending on your nutritional requirements.

The site is simple to navigate – it gives you the chance to enter the name of different items to see which food is the one that suits your health goals. Imagine that you want to compare a McDonald’s Big Mac with a Greek Salad or a Subway melt but you do not know how to do that. This will be the right solution for you to do it right away.

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More – A Platform For Mobile Surveys

  • September 8, 2009

HaveASec.comThe current dynamics of life mean that people are always on the go. Any initiative that does not contemplate such a fact is doomed from more than one angle, as a significant number of people are left out the picture if mobile support is not accounted for.

Creating a survey is no exception to that rule. Market researchers can benefit from the conciseness of such a format, whereas there are contexts where such a practice is only natural – for those who have developed a mobile app, it would be unthinkable to gauge the reception the app has had in a framework but the one it has been conceived. That is what HaveASec enables them to do.

When it comes to the actual features that can be implemented, these include real-time responses and four different types of questions along with a basic reporting of results by default. There is also a tool for advanced reporting that is available to those who go for any of the paid plans, which also enables you to export results and have a customizable “Thank You” page along with images.

There are currently two paid plans available, and these go by the names of “Premium” and “Ultimate”. See the full list of features on the site, and see which one will suit your needs. And if you want to get your feet wet beforehand, simply sign up for a free account.

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More – Keep Track Of Your Health

  • August 28, 2009

HealthEHuman.comThis website was created to provide users with a quality solution that gives them the chance to use a variety of software tools that help them to remain healthy.

HealtheHuman, Inc. is a company that is exclusively devoted to develop interesting and efficient technology that can be used with the intention to make a good management of your health. This is a software company with a technological platform that will give you the posibility to take a look at the “bigger picture” to understand the way many factors have an impact on your health, fitness, and well-being.

This site is a good source of knowledge to learn about how to have a healthy lifestyle by creating a personal health record to track your health in a simple way. If you use this resource’s services you will be allowed to use specific daily health trackers for diet, exercise, vitamins, supplements, medications, etc.

Body measurements, blood pressure, and other elements can be found in order to have your personal health profile and you can check it anywhere, no matter if you are at home, at your job, etc.

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More – Global Education Come True

  • August 20, 2009

Eduit.orgThe flattening of global education is something that is discussed every now and then in every circle. The ones behind this website are offering their own take on the subject, and their vision is to mix existing technology and create a vehicle through which learning is accessible to everybody, everywhere, and at no cost.

Their mission is clearly set down on the site: “We aren’t building a website… we are building a multimedia platform for global education”. It is a vey noble aim, and hopefully the project will gain enough momentum so as not to go unnoticed.

The platform is meant to resemble a sort of multi-touch interactive TV that displays short and focused learning content along with educative games. The idea is that this platform should be used and understood even by small children. It is going to be web based, and delivered intelligently to any device that has an Internet connection. The content itself is coming from media (TV) which has been meta-tagged using a tool of its own.

The building of this platform for global education is promoted by way of a Facebook group which is named the eRevolution Movement. You can join it to be updated on any development of note.

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More – Interesting Messaging API

  • August 2, 2009

MessagePub.comMessagepub makes available for many users the chance to have access to an effective messaging API that was created by a team of professional with many years of experience working with cross-platform communication systems.

If you are a software developer on this site you will find all the convenient benefits of a simple but efficient interface you can use to send a variety of messages via email right away.

In addition to this, this interface is highly effective when it comes to using the Aol Instant Messanger, as well as the Google Chat and Twitter, in addition to SMS, or simply your phone. One of the best things about this service is the fact that the company responsible for its creation is constantly developing and improving its interfaces. If you start using this solution you will be able to have access to additional support for more platforms.

This is a nice solution for you to save time while you try to reach your users through a variety of different communication platforms. Give this solution a try for free and make sure that it works as well as it should. After that, start maximizing your business by reaching your clients efficiently.

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More – Email And GroupWare Done Right

  • August 2, 2009

AtMail.comDo you want to make use of an interesting emailing service that will improve the way you communicate with others? Atmail 6 is a Linux based solution that was created to give you a highly effective webmail communication service. You can consider this service as a good alternative to Gmail or Exchange. Why? Because it will give you more control over you organizations’ email.

If you decide to use this system you will be benefited with a webmail interface that was created based on a PHP Zend framework and is provided with jQuery for user-interface. In addition to this, the system displays ajax features.

In case you want to get a wide variety of services that include email-threads, an inline thumbnail support for email attachments, and much more, this is the right place for you to stop by. Other attributes include email-server ability, in addition to CalDAV client/server for calendaring, and sync elements for iPhones.

This is one of the latest Webmail and Email-server solutions on the market that will be interesting to many users that want an effective service that is different to the traditional ones.

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More – A Platform That Creates Worlds

  • June 19, 2009

Phpizabi.netThis site belongs to a company called PHPizabi that aims to be one of the most influential and powerful social networking platforms in the world. That is a big statement, so you know you have to check it out.

PHPizabi powers thousands of websites no matter if they are simple friends’ sites, small companies sites, medium size companies, big communities, or the most important networking giant sites on the internet. This kind of platform is effective to support anybody that is interested in having a trouble-free site with a high quality service. In case you want to get this company’s services you just need to get in touch with it and you will learn more about the many services you can be benefited with.

PHPizabi is fairly easy to install and manage, and it is based on a constantly evolving technology that will give users the reliability, speed, and social features that many people want to receive with any networking package. In this way you will be able to maximize your business performance, and take it to the next level.

In case you want to learn more about this site you can give it a visit at

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More – Empowering The Solar Energy Future

  • April 25, 2009 is a website that was created in order to provide users with all the information they need in relation to the highest quality solar energy database.

This company accepts its user’s contributions, with the purpose to generate a free of charge resource intended to assist millions of people to find everything about solar energy (PV).

This company was created in 1999 and has been created solar energy products, providing news, about many other companies, in order o change the way people thinks about solar energy.

On this site you will find many catalogs of products and news, in addition to online projects. Our database already has over 16.000 entries.

In addition to these services, you will have the chance to get solar energy reports and presentations, etc.

This website was created based on the idea that quality is better than quantity. One of the most revolutionary things about this site is the fact that everyone is allowed to edit content in order to make it better. Rather than have multiple versions of the same.

In case you want to share information about your company on this site, you will have the chance to edit your identity online.

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More – Open Source Communication Platform

  • March 6, 2009

6Zap.comAre you looking for a new platform in order to handle your personal communications, or the communications of your company? Should that ever be the case, you might as well wend your way to this website and see if the provided solution accommodates your need.

Basically, 6Zap is an open-source communication platform that touches upon items like e-mail, contact management, file management and a calendar – all into the very same webpage.

One of the most notable features of the latest version is that you can read and reply mails even when you are not online, and e-mail can likewise be handled from multiple accounts.

Businesses and service providers are also going to appreciate the fact that the whole package is hosted in the cloud. In practice, this means that the solution can be deployed easily, and the same goes for scalability.

6Zap is likewise internationalized, so that if you want to give it a spin you can do so no matter where you are located. Just sign up for an account or download the package and install it in your server to see where does it stand for you.

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More – A Powerful Tool For Web Developers

  • February 21, 2009 is the place to get concrete5.

Sounds kind of obvious right? But what on earth is this concrete 5? Some sort of building foundation? In a way it is, but not for skyscrapers, but instead for web sites. The name for this platform comes from their claim that it is rock solid and that from that excellent foundation you may build anything you can dream of on top of it.

Here is how it works, if you chose to use their service then they will grant you access to their platform and they will also host your site. According to the site tour, the platform is very simple to use and is loaded with a very wide array of features. On the demo they actually show how they create a poll in a matter of a couple of clicks.

Concrete5 is also a free platform which you can install on your own server and begin working without paying a dime. However, the people at concrete5 provide some quite advanced hosting services, including backups and failsafe mirrors. In other words, you rest assured that your site is going to be safe and always running smoothly.

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