More – Discovering New Places You Could Visit

  • October 13, 2009

Plarker.comTo put it in simple words, Plarker is a platform for discovering new places that you could enjoy visiting. This is done in a social way.

That is, you have a map to which you can add places while your friends add places to their own maps. What happen next is that you and your friends share your maps, and those places that are found on both maps are layered out upon a single map for immediate reference.

Besides, specialty maps are already featured. Using them you will be able to locate specific destinations such as US attractions and so forth.

The aim of this new service is to change the way people travel by giving them immediate access to places their friends have visited. In practice, this means that they have a trusted source of information detailing those places they should visit, and also those places that are best left alone. It is an interesting concept, and taking into account how popular services that have a social streak are nowadays then it is only safe to say that it can garner some attention. Just one thing: Facebook and/or Twitter integration would not go amiss.

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