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  • January 5, 2009 is a B2B network that makes for the creation of standardized to advanced media kits.

These will enable ad supported publishers to put themselves across to interested advertisers and/or their representative agents (IE, ad agencies). The site also provides a platform for vendors that service companies in this area whereby they can create profile pages and promote themselves.

As it is pointed out online, this system was created to try and bridge the gap between both rising and established sites and major ad agencies. The latter tend to rely too much on third party measurement services to make decisions about advertising which causes them to miss hundreds of opportunities for their clients. PlanetPlan-it aims to bridge that gap by allowing publishers to put their best foot forward while still giving agencies a powerful suite of controls to drill down to the best outlets for their clients.

As a result, those who want to establish a presence on the web and make sure that their efforts are reaching the right public are well-advised to check out this site. Moreover, the first 500 qualified publishers that sign up will receive a 1-year membership for free, so if you are interested in this initiative, this will give you an excellent chance to try it out first-hand and to the full.

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