More – Passion For The Hobby

  • July 25, 2008

FlyingGiants.comThis is a website with only 2 years on the internet, but with a supportive community of hobbyist who gathers here to share all they know, think, and expect of the Flying Giants, The Hobby. Flyinggiants.

com is all about providing the aeromodeling enthusiast with the latest and up to the minute information about what’s going on in the hobby. People at this site have taken their time to create a home for you that’s both “techy cool” and user friendly for the casual computer guy. Therefore, through it visitors will access tons of tools and multi media coverage on the way in order to make them feel as though they are right on the air. At the homepage you’ll see the latest news about events and products, as well as interesting articles and opinion columns. At the bottom you can also check a video gallery and photo gallery, all property of the community’s members. The site’s ongoing commitment is to update things constantly and keep the navigation through this stuff quick and intuitive.

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More – Find The Blueprints You Need

  • July 7, 2008 focuses on providing a collection of blueprints.

You can browse this site by its many categories located at the top of the homepage. At the Blueprints category you will find blueprints of cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, WW2 planes, modern planes, tanks, ships, weapons, trains, star trek, star wars, humans, miscellaneous, and mobile phones. If you want, you can also search for blueprints at the Search category, all you have to do is enter the query, type of view, the dimensions, the category, and how you want them to be order. Not only can you look for blueprints, but also you can submit your own ones at the Submit category. This site also offers descriptive, step-by-step tutorials on how to set up blueprints at the Tutorials section. At the Info category you will find general information about the site, blueprints status and statistics, a newsletter, legal information, the terms and conditions, and surveys results.

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More – Building Model Autos And Planes

  • June 28, 2008

Internetmodeler.comDo you enjoy nothing more than spending your free time constructing and painting models? Are you a fan of model cars and planes? Maybe you have a child in your family who loves modeling and you help them build the things they love? If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then there is a resource on the internet that has been designed specifically to help you out with any of your projects. The web site can be found at the online address of www., this web site is updated each month and contains features, first looks at new releases, a photo gallery and contact details. The web site is well designed with a good layout and contains information about not only model kits but how to build some great models yourself from scratch. The web site also contains links to books, magazines and CD–ROMS that are all related to modeling.

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More – RC Cars, Boats & More

  • June 25, 2008

SouthEastrc.comAre you looking for the perfect gift for your son? Do you need to fix your radio control? This online site provides all the information you need related to this business and the products and services that they offer customers. These items are great toys for children and are also used by grown men.

You will find a wide selection of radio control items, including cars, trucks, planes, boats and helicopters. By selecting the one that you are interested in, you will find their detailed descriptions as well as their corresponding prices and images. There is also a section where you will find a list of the featured products. The site also offers a section with the special offers where you will find sales and discounts. If you are looking for a job related to this business you can check the section that provides information about available positions. Visit this online site and obtain plenty of information related to this products and services.

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More – Casinos, Weddings and lots of fun

  • June 18, 2008 is all about having a great time at Reno.

The website puts together in a clean-cut, directly to the point fashion, the resources that today’s travelers want to have handy and quickly. You can find suggestions for great destination, the classical ones and the new discoveries. You already know that at Reno the entertainment is endless. The numerous casinos, competing with the best machines, game tables and live shows, from local hangouts to the mega-resorts. Reno is also the wedding capital. The options that you have for a wedding in Reno are amazing. From bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding attire, body care, catering, ceremony facilities, decoration, photos, transportation and much, much more, all is covered. Do you want something less thrilling? Check the golf courses or the family plans. has tons of info regarding hotels, tours, car rentals, airport shuttles, that will make planning your vacation, a breeze. Don’t forget to visit the section Contests, there is a lot of fun there.

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More – F16 Reference Website

  • June 18, 2008 is an information site and online community about the F-16 plane.

Just in case you didn’t know the Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon is an American multi role jet fighter aircraft used by the United States Air Force. On this website, you can get to know everything about this aircraft including history and main features. All the latest news regarding these planes is posted here along with all the upcoming events regarding them. In addition to this, you can find here image galleries, videos, and related articles featuring its main features, ammo, timeline, and different versions. The website also has an online forum where you can meet other F-16 and aircrafts enthusiasts. Here you can share information, pictures, comments, and questions. Finally, the website also has different sections with articles, pictures, videos, history, and forums devoted to other related fighter aircrafts such as the F-22 and the F-35 jets.

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More – Everything Aviation

  • June 18, 2008

AviationExplorer.comAre you into planes? Are you interested in aviation? Have you been interested in planes and everything aviation since a young age? If you’re an aviation enthusiast and you really enjoy reading articles on aviation and different type of information on planes, then you’ve hit gold on this website. The website we’re talking about is AviationExplorer.

com. On you will find absolutely everything that is related to planes and everything aviation. And when we say everything aviation, we mean everything aviation. If you don’t believe us then just plug in your headset when you visit the site. You’ll be able to hear real live radio conversations between pilots and directors in control towers. How cool is that? Along with much information on the website is a heap of media that will make your travel trough the website all the more entertaining. See everything on aviation on now.

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More – Visit All Your Favorite Spots

  • June 15, 2008 calls itself “the website for today’s travelers”, and the people at GoThere.

com are right. The website puts together in a clean-cut, directly to the point fashion, the resources that today’s travelers want to have handy and quickly. You can find suggestions for great destination, the classical ones and the new discoveries. Lately, featured traveling has become the “coolest”. Go to NY and tour Sex and the City Hotspots, perhaps you are lucky and can bump into Carrie and Mr. Big; or enjoy the SoHo and NoLita shopping tour. The New York Elegant Dining Cruise sounds as a romantic idea to celebrate your anniversary while you are visiting NY. Are you more adventurous? For those who love thrill, Niagara Falls from NY by air may be an option. has tons of info regarding hotels, tours, car rentals, airport shuttles, cruises and much more. Don’t forget to visit the section of Travel Essentials, you may find very helpful items for traveling.

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More – Total Performance In Panes

  • June 9, 2008

VansAirCraft.comVans Aircraft is a company that produces airplanes. In this site you can find all the information you need to know about the company and about the products and services they provide.

In the Aircraft Models section of this site you can select on the model that you like to find a photo of the airplane and thorough description of it. In this site you can also read about building an RV, the standard kits available, the required tools, construction classes, insurance program, RV flight training, builder support and much more. In the Making the Decision section you will find the kit prices and lead times, the aircraft cost estimator, fin factory tours and demos, and about finding time to build. In the Ordering section of this site you can read about the information pack and video, the rvator newsletter, check out the web store, order forms, shipping information and options as well.

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More – All About Aviation And Planes

  • May 27, 2008

Aviation.comThe Aviation website is a thorough Internet resource that covers every aspect whatsoever about planes and aviation in general terms. For instance, there is comprehensive coverage on traveling by plane.

Aspects such as how to fly first class for less are covered in the featured articles collection, which also includes information on child safety onboard a plane. The site features videos and an image gallery that has a remarkable scope, ranging from photographs of classic fighter planes from the Second World War to concepts for aircraft interiors. Special reports are also featured, and they are showcased on the main page for browsing convenience. On the other hand, a section that goes by the name of “Top 10” collects assorted lists such as the top 10 aircraft of the rich and famous, or top 10 gift ideas for air travel enthusiasts. Technical information is also provided in the section entitled “Technological”.

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More – Get Your R/C Planes

  • May 26, 2008

ElectriFly.comAre you an enthusiast of the airplanes? Wouldn’t it be nice to own an R/C plane? is delighted to provide you with a large variety of models that are for sale! In this site you will find the list of r/c planes such as flat-outs models, park-flyer models and speed 400 models among others, as well as batteries, motors and gearboxes.

You can have a look at the pictures of the different models and read information about them such as their maximum speed and its features and specifications. At the left of the home page you will find the “where to buy” section which has the instructions you need to purchase any of these r/c planes. You have to ways of purchasing, either you order it online or you make use of the dealer locator of the site. If you have any doubts or question you can visit the FAQ section or else get in contact with the address they published in the site. Visit and get your r/c planes!

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More – Columbus Regional Airport

  • May 22, 2008

Columbusairports.comThe aim at is to serve Port Columbus, Rickenbacker, and Bolton Field airports.

For that purpose they provide logistic services in order to diminish costs and streamline their business. At the web site you will see each of the airports’ aforementioned links. On every link you will find relevant information about airlines, flights, parking and transportation, construction and development, food and retail, maps, passenger services, and more. Moreover, if you are interested in the airport’s history and milestones, there are links containing that information. general business plan is expressed at the website as well; they seek organizational and operational excellence, high quality air service, strategic business and economic development, develop and maintain facilities, and proactive community involvement, among others. In addition, there is a section with the airport’s photographs, for you to check out their platforms, planes, towers, warehouse, etc. They have also developed a noise program to improve their services.

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More – Maine Airshow 2008

  • May 15, 2008 is the official website of “The Great State of Maine Airshow”, an annually air show hosted in the State of Maine, in the United States and organized by the Naval Air Station Brunswick.

At this website you can learn everything about this air show, its history, performers, and location. Right now, they are getting prepared for this year performance, which is promised to be more spectacular and action-packed than ever. If you are planning to go this year, then this is the perfect place to buy your ticket, since they are already selling them online. Here you will find how to get to the show, all the planes and aircrafts participating this year, and multimedia resources like pictures and videos. You can also buy online all the related souvenirs like T-shirts and commemorative coins. Finally, you will also find here all the security information for the show as well as the weather conditions.

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More – Air Shows And Aviation

  • May 13, 2008

Airshowbuzz.comDo you feel the need for speed? Do big jets and fast planes make your palms sweat and your heart palpitate with ecstasy? Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives we have all wanted to be fighter pilots or even just fly a commercial jet liner. But, as we all know, we cannot all be Tom Cruise in Top Gun. can help you to gain the thrill of flying without actually getting up in the air. This site has all the latest news on air shows throughout the country. The site contains all kinds of photos and videos of your favorite planes that will really get your juices running. Of course, the site contains a forum so that fellow lovers of aviation can come and share their communal love of flying all in one place. Sign up to be a member and then you can start to upload your favorite pictures of planes and videos of your favorite jet in combat action.

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More – Aviation Literature and Videos

  • May 6, 2008 has a large range of popular books, videos, and instruments for aviation enthusiasts. The types of aviation vary, with information available on: helicopters, gyroplanes, jet engines, rockets, and much more.

Vortech plans and blueprints are available to purchase on this site, which provide in depth detail on the structure of certain vehicles. Vortech instruments and avionics are also available to purchase. Vortech instruments are compiled of compasses, and different types of band and air band transceivers. also has many links that take you to aviation related sites, which talk about: homebuilt helicopters, homebuilt gyroplanes, how to build a Zephyrus wind generator, homebuilt cars, home built mini scooters, home built steam, gas and jet engines, and home built boats.

Vortech kits are also available to purchase and are the aviation enthusiasts dream. They range from a ´choppy swash plate mechanism,´ priced at $1,495 to a ´skylark,´ priced at $37,500. Although not in everybody’s budget range, the products available on will certainly not disappoint the ´true´ aviation enthusiast.

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More – Aviation Convention

  • April 29, 2008

Sun-n-fun.orgThis is the official website of Sun’n Fun, a Lakeland, Florida based organization that has been promoting aviation safety for almost 30 years. Year after year, on each April, this organization organizes their annual convention.

With the time, this event got so big that it’s now the second largest of its kind. On these conventions you can access to more than 450 workshops, either for novice or experienced pilots. Also, on each day there’s an air show scheduled for plane lovers. Besides that, this organization has year-round programs and has an Air Museum in Florida. On their website you can learn more about Sun’n Fun, their conventions and their programs. Also get all the latest news on aviation and find out about other events. You can also contribute with them and even become a volunteer. Finally, if you are planning to go to their annual convention, you can buy your tickets online.

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More – Miniature Vehicles

  • April 23, 2008

Diecastdirect.comDiecast Direct Incorporated presents all kinds of building vehicles, including military, farm and construction, among others. If you are looking for Die Cast products, this could be a good option to keep in mind. In case you are looking for a way to buy Kyosho items, this could be a useful website to visit. could be an interesting site, in case you want to find all kinds of Die Cast products on one place. This website can provide you with data about Kyosho items, with just a click. Are you interested in getting the latest model cars? If that is so, you should think on this, as a good site to visit.

Then, whenever you need information about Die Cast products, you can try out. When you look for a way to find Kyosho products, it is always helpful to use as a good option to keep in mind.

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More – Need A plane?

  • April 22, 2008

Trade-A-Plane.comAre you tired of flying in aviation simulators? If that is your case, on this site you will find lots of aviation resources and classifieds. Pay a visit to to search for airplanes for sale and aircraft maintenance services, in addition to flight schools where you can take flight lessons.

If you want to buy new and used jet aircraft, you can stop by Trade-A-Plane, and use the search engine available to find airplanes for sale. In case you need to repair your aircraft, you can search for aircraft parts and engines, as well as aircraft maintenance services. Do you want to learn to fly? Enter and locate the nearest flight school.

Then, if you want to stop using aviation simulators, enter this site. On you can check different flight schools to take flight lessons. Besides, if you are looking for both new and used airplanes for sale, pay this site a visit.

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More – Online Information For Kids

  • April 17, 2008 is a very straightforward site that offers information on Kid Science and Remote Controlled Sailplanes.

The writer of the website built it around his childhood hobbies, so things are explained in a way that is easy for children to understand. The R/C Sailplane section is very complete, offering information on anything from Slope Sailplanes to knowing what type of radio controller to use. The information on radio controllers is very well researched, allowing the reader to make an educated decision on which can be right for him and her. The science section is fun. It gives you the “recipe” to conduct the experiment. It then goes on to explain the science behind the fun. The funniest part is the Mess Factor. This is a good way for parents to determine what experiments they want to do with their kids, as it is usually them that have to do all the cleaning up afterwards.

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More – Radio Control Planes

  • March 10, 2008

Hobby-estore.comAre you very patient and you love dealing with mechanical things? Would you like to get started on a new hobby? Then you should visit the Hobby eStore web page. On this site you will find a large variety of different models you can put together.

Some of the different categories models you can find on this web page are models of electronic radio control helicopters, plane, cars and more. If you are just getting started on this activity, you might want to take a look at their specials for beginners. But if you have being building models for a really long time, you might want to take a look at their special offers and new arrivals. And if you are not looking for a model, but you want to buy a special part, you can do that as well on this site. But if you are not interested at all in model building, on this web page you can also find other stuff, such as telescopes, backpacks, headsets and more. You can purchase all their products right from this web page.

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