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  • October 25, 2008

PlaceToRent.comThis site has a self-explanatory name, really. Through it you will be able to conduct apartment searches and find roommates in a straightforward way.

The apartment search tool will let you specify criteria such as the City and the State along with the price range and information like the intended move-in date. On the other hand, the roommate search comes complete with free messaging, not to mention that it is available at no cost whatsoever.

Registration is mandatory in both cases. This process is inexpensive, and it is dealt with in a matter of minutes. You simply have to provide some particulars and then you are ready to find and (later on) be found.

Further resources include free moving quotes that can be requested whenever you need them, and live help which is provided via a chat feature.

Lastly, the site also includes a “Managers” section that enables such individuals to fill any existing vacancies. Fees have to be paid only when an actual vacancy is filled.

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