More – Finding New Places Through Your Friends

  • December 11, 2009

Placebeat.comThose of you who have fallen for Facebook and social networking on the whole are well advised to set your browsers to the Placebeat website. In principle, it offers a functionality that will empower you to take your Facebook experience one step further and find new places you might like to hang out through a reliable source indeed: your friends.

That is, Placebeat will let you see which social haunts and venues are among your friends’ favorite ones and present the connections back to you so that you become aware of which places those you have chosen to befriend online are partial to. That is certainly more effective than carrying out a search and reading reviews that have been penned by people you know nothing about.

Moreover, each spot that is recommended through this service is spotlighted by way of images and videos that (again) come from your Facebook friends. Since cities from all over the world are covered, chances are that if the concept at the heart of Placebeat sounds enticing you will be able to see it in full swing just by visiting the site.

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