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  • April 13, 2009

TheAdReel.comThe AdReel gives users the chance to place regular advertisements on the site without having to register to do that. Among the many things you can advertize on this site are a title and a description, as well as the site’s URL, and category.

The way this site works is extremely easy and when you click GO after you have filled out your advertisement, the ad is placed in real-time.

One of the coolest things about this solution id the fact that you can see the advertisements right after anybody places it. The site also offers different categories where users will have the chance to crate and watch mini Reels inside the big Reel.

Whenever you click a category, it goes to that Reel instantly. This is the time when you will not have to wait anymore in order to use this solution. Every time someone clicks an ad, it adds to the total number of clicks. This is a highly effective way to track how many times a certain advertisement has been clicked.

Everyone wants a way to advertise, especially for free. At The AdReel, you can place advertisements, you and do not have to register, and it is added instantly, for people who do not like to wait

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