4 Common Startup Pitch Mistakes To Avoid

  • November 14, 2013

Pitching your startup is like going on a first date. Entrepreneurs should be confident without being cocky, approachable without seeming desperate, and passionate without being over the top. The goal is to build up enough intrigue to be asked on a second date (or a follow-up meeting) without scaring…


8 Tips For Successfully Pitching An Investor

  • September 30, 2013

It’s a rookie error for an entrepreneur to pitch an investor with the equivalent of a product tour. Investors are usually more interested in the big picture – your vision for your business, why they’ll be a good match, and how your company will return their money handsomely. If your slide deck or…


3 Reasons Women Should Pitch Their Startups More Often

  • July 1, 2013

Women entrepreneurs don’t pitch as often as their male peers. I encourage women to step up to the plate, whether it’s asking for capital to fund their startup, or asking for a raise at work. In 2012, only 16 percent of startups pitching to angels in the U.S. were women-led, according to the Center for…


Throwing Pitches At Start-Up Chile

  • December 6, 2012

Picture this: we’re sitting in the modern addition to a regal, old Santiago building. The room has a glass ceiling, half of which is covered by a giant TV screen that is currently showing a slow-moving ad for one of the most popular cellphone companies in South America. The heat is just on this side of…


eGether.com – A Network Solely Devoted To Pitching

  • December 16, 2009

eGether.comI will pitch yours if you pitch mine”. That single phrase exemplifies what this new social site is all about.

It is a spot where people can socialize with the aim of pitching and being pitched. People sign up and can share videos and photographs with other members of the network, and interact like they do on Facebook only that here they are promoting this or that.

A nice touch is that materials like tutorials and guides entitled “How to submit a perfect pitch” are featured. That is a certainly useful measure when it comes to ensuring that noise will be reduced.

How useful something like this can be is debatable. Some will relish the chance of interacting in a straightforward setting in which there are no underlying intentions – what you see is what you get. Others are certain to say that a network which is solely devoted to promotional duties lessens the human aspect that should always characterize social networking. Personally, I think the former stance is the best one: it is a spot that leaves you in no doubt about its purpose. Head to Facebook if you want to make friends. This one has a concrete role, and no mistaking.

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TheCompletePitcher.com – Baseball Pitching Instruction

  • November 18, 2008

TheCompletePitcher.comAt TheCompletePitcher.com you’ll find professional baseball pitching instruction with former Chicago Cubs pitching pro Steven Ellis.

The site features free articles, newsletters, pitching clips, and discussion forums to help you become a better pitcher or pitching coach. Steven Ellis has nailed his online presence.

Parents, coaches, and pitchers of all levels should get over to TheCompletePitcher.com and get the pitching tips you’ve always wanted from a true pitching pro. The Complete Pitcher is the centerpiece of Ellis’s coaching network. From there, you can get to his online books, a free forum, pitching articles, and mounds of other useful resources.

Many successful entrepreneurs have found that you have to give to get, and Ellis gives nine strong innings and more. Whether you want to master pitching in Ten Simple Steps, or are up to the challenge of strenuous suggested drills, Ellis’s instruction runs the gamut from a beginner’s curveball to how to throw a knuckle curveball.

He emphasizes nutrition and training, advises on Pitching Injury and Prevention, and covers the ‘Mental Aspects of Pitching’, too. Smart batters will step up to the plate as well: It’s the bottom of the 9th, two men on base, two outs — wouldn’t you like to know what was coming?


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TheUnFunded.com – Venture Capitalists Vent

  • April 1, 2008

TheUnFunded.comTheUnFunded.com is a community for venture capitalists where they can discuss and rate startup companies.

TheUnFunded was inspired and created in part due to the community TheFunded where entrepreneurs could vent and discuss venture capitalists. TheUnFunded is a bit of the same, the site discusses startup companies and is far from generous with the company ratings. The companies are rated on five factors” the strength of the team, operating experience, market opportunity, pitching effectiveness, and competitive differentiation. The highest score for each category is five and the ratings posted on the site and visible to visitors show that most companies have scores under 2. Besides the ratings users can comment and express their opinions of the startup company and choose to agree or disagree with other users. You can search for companies by region and add a company to be evaluated. Users must be venture capitalists to join the community. It seems as though there is a great deal of bashing in the community. TheUnFunded is a place where venture capitalists can vent.

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