Pip.ly – Shortening URLs & Having Them Rated

  • May 17, 2010

Pip.lyPip.ly is a URL shortener that intends to give the whole process of trimming URLs and putting them about a social twist.

How? Easy. Each and every URL that can be shortened and shared through Pip.ly can be both rated and commented by the ones who spread them. This means that if the site you are sharing is about as substantial as an album by Bachman-Turner Overdrive the rating will reflect that, and people who have no time to waste will avoid clicking on it. Of course, the ability to comment on each shortened URL also makes for fully knowing exactly where it is that you are headed to – a common concern for most people I know. Minimizing the chances of you landing somewhere that is unhealthy for your computer has become a necessity as far as URL shorteners go. It is good to see such a feature was taken into account by the ones who created Pip.ly.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it can even put up a fight against URL shorteners like Bit.ly. And now that Twitter is working heavily in the unification of shortened URLs, the day of services such as this one are numbered.

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