More – From RSS To Twitter

  • January 13, 2009

Pingvine.comTo put it in simple words, Pingvine is a new service that takes a RSS or Atom feed from any blog or website and then posts it to Twitter, or Ping.

fm. This is done not only in an inexpensive way, but also in a very simple fashion. All you have to do is providing your Twitter particulars, and then supply the feed URL in question.

Other than that, you must specify the update frequency by picking the relevant option from the provided drop down menu, and you can go from “30 seconds” to “30 days” to all points in between – the system will let you give anybody a representation of your site or blog in the way you feel will do it justice.

This solution has been created by Messrs. Ben Vierck and Joe Holst. You can reach them at by following the link that is provided on the “About Us” pages, too. Consider doing so if you can think of ways for furthering this service, and also to show your appreciation.

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