More – See How Fast Your Site Really Loads

  • August 21, 2010

PingBrigade.comThere are lots of tools for benchmarking websites, and it is only natural. Today, the number of people who have sites (or blogs) of their own is staggering.

These individuals are competing with each other for supremacy, and having a site that loads even a couple of seconds faster then his competitors’ is a small victory in itself.

Ping Brigade will let just any webmaster determine how many reasons he has really got for taking the champagne off the ice. The site will let them measure ping, web page loading speed and web server latency.

You will be able to learn how your site is loading for people who are spread throughout the world. That is made possible because when you input a URL you will be allowed to have your pick from any of these three main search options: “United States”, “Europe” and “World”.

And a service such as this one is even more important if we bear in mind that aspects such as web server speed will soon be taken into account by Google for determining a website’s PR.

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