More – Text Messages Are Boring

  • September 10, 2010

PinchApp.comPinch is a multiplatform smartphone-to-smartphone messaging application that comes complete with location-based features. The way Pinch works is by using your current data plan in order to give you the ability to message and/or chat with those friends who are located nearby, or who are part of your list of contacts.

Upon first launching Pinch, it will use the contacts that you have in your list to match you with your friends and acquaintances. And if you want, you can proceed to import your Facebook and Twitter contacts in order to bring even more people in.

The messages that you can send through Pinch can include images and animations, and there is a good range of games and applications that you can try out in order to have a more realized experience.

The main objective of Pinch is providing you with a cheaper alternative to SMS – something that is not only expensive but also a bit flat and plain. Pinch is used at little or no cost (when a Wi Fi connection is available), and since all the main mobiles on the market are already supported your every friend will be able to take part of it all.

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