PimpMyProfizzle.com – Have A Pristine Facebook Profile

  • May 11, 2010

PimpMyProfizzle.comThe way things are headed, Facebook will end up connecting just every single person with the rest of the world for the mere fact of being part of the network. You can take that as a good thing or as a bad thing, but if you were to get really pragmatic you would end up saying “Well, nothing I will do is going to make a difference.

If my profile is bound to go public sooner or later I’d better have a cool profile image to go with”. You might call that pragmatic, frivolous or whatever you like. The thing is there will be people who will think like that. And such people are the ones who will readily seize websites like this one.

In principle, Pimp My Profizzle will let you take an image and apply a considerable number of effects to it. You can select a border, modify the background color and also change its actual orientation. Besides, a basic drawing tool is provided for you to add a further touch of personality to the image you intend to use.

These are the basic features of the site as it stands today, and they are going to be augmented by several others in due time. Until that moment arrives, you can use this site as it stands right now and take advantage of all the basic functionalities that were mentioned above.

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