Downy.com – Fabric softener info & tips

  • November 17, 2007

Downy.comDo your jeans have static? Do your socks stick to your t-shirts? Or even worse… your towels are like sand paper, right? I could tell you to buy Downy, which is like a really cool fabric softener but, instead of that (which the ads already do) here’s my advice: dig their site. There you will find the usual stuff: ad campaigns, all the different products available, the chemical compounds, even instructions in several languages, which you can print out to remind yourself of the cleaning lady.

But most importantly… they have really useful information not even you mother… not even your mother-in-law knows, which will not make you feel like singing, or burst your life with flowers and a great smell, but at least will give an extra month-worth of socks. If you are still not too thrilled over this, well, take a look at Downy.com: you can buy the stuff from the site as well. Downy.com

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