PhotoPile.me – Create Photo Piles

  • January 3, 2012

PhotoPile.mePhotoPile.me gives sharing images on Instagram a much more natural touch, as it lets you do the closest to having them spread on a table for your friends to choose which one they’d like to take a closer look at. When they do that and click on any of your photos, then the image will be displayed in full. Your friends will get to read all the comments that have been made, and they’ll also get to know how many people have favorited it.

You can have your own PhotoPiles created by granting the service access to your Instagram account, and the best piles can be shared via Twitter. Actually, it’s very easy to have interesting piles created, as you can define the theme that should run through the pile by picking a good couple of tags.

If you’re wondering whether to go for Instagram over services such as

Picasa and Flickr, something like PhotoPile is never going to factor that much into the choice you end up making. Rather, it’s a service for those who are already Instagram users, and who’re just looking for a way to add at least some spice to the way in which images are shared. If you’re one such person, then you’ll certainly find it worth a look.

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