Pigs4ever.com – Online Potbellied & Pet Pigs Resources

  • June 18, 2008

Pigs4ever.comPigs lovers out there are well-advised to set their browsers to the Pigs4ever website. As its name suggests, the site is a celebration of all things appertaining to said animals.

Health products for pigs can be browsed through online and purchased by following the provided links, whereas training info is likewise provided. Information on diets for pigs is also set down online. On the other hand, a sizable section of the website is devoted to photo galleries that show both potbellied and pet pigs in all their glory. Moreover, a section that goes by the name of “Poetry & Stories” is made up of tales and compositions that deal with said animals. Another section of the website that merits a mention is the one entitled “Sanctuaries/rescue centers”, which acts a comprehensive collection of online links to other pig-related sites on the Internet. The contact information of pig sanctuaries both within the United States and in neighboring countries such as Canada is provided therein as well. Pigs4ever.com

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Thepigsite.com – Pig Industry Resources

  • April 28, 2008

Thepigsite.comThe Pig Site is probably the most complete website regarding the pig and pork industry. Here you can find tons of articles and technical resources on pigs, how to raise them, diseases, treatments, medicines, and plenty more.

Also all the latest news regarding the pig industry as well as media resources like videos and pictures. All the content of the website is available for free except for their online shop, of course. Here you can buy online different books about pigs and animals in general. There are also discussion forums available where all the industry members can gather to discuss all their issues. On the business directory you can find a very complete guide to different members of the industry from every field; this directory includes almost every region of the world. Finally, there is the possibility to register for free to a weekly e-mail newsletter, with all the latest news, articles, and events. Thepigsite.com

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