PicYou.com – Fast And Powerful Image Sharing

  • July 13, 2011

PicYou.comPicYou is the newest image sharing application to be released, and it must be said that it provides a very satisfactory overall service. It suits both personal and professional users with the same distinction and versatility – people like you and me can use it to share the photos of our daily lives with our families and acquaintances, whereas brands can use such a service to increase their exposure and visibility. That is possible because PicYou enables users to employ lots and lots of different filters that can but make the images being shared through the site a lot more relatable.

And the site makes for knowing (and following) the most active users in a truly fast way, as they are all highlighted on the homepage. You can all also see the newest images to have been shared there, along with the most popular ones.

PicYou is a free service. Accounts are created in a simple, uncomplicated way. And it is always possible to sign in using your your Facebook, Twitter, OpenID or Tumblr credentials.

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