Picuous.com – Post And Share Your Own Images

  • May 16, 2011

Picuous.comBuilt using HTML5, Picuous stands as a new way to have pictures uploaded and shared online. Essentially, users of this web platform can have their images displayed as part of an interactive player that fades in and out whenever visitors want to visualize the pictures in question. And the sharing process itself is simplified to no end – once the images have been uploaded to the Picuous servers, then they can be pasted on any blog or website.

That is, they can be borrowed by visitors and have them featured on their very own blogs and sites. And the way everything works, the original uploader will always be credited – Picuous takes care tracking where images have been embedded, and the owner is provided with full analytics on who has viewed them.

A service like Picuous, then, should provide some respite to the way in which images are indiscriminately lifted off sites without their owners ever knowing, and to the traffic leeching that is so commonplace when it comes to online pictures. The Picuous widget sees to that by letting image owners have their work presented in a way that ensures its copyright will always be respected, and without imposing onerous conditions on how it can be spread by those who see it and like it.

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