Pictajam.com – Share Your Instagram Photos

  • August 18, 2011

Pictajam.comPictajam gives you a great chance to share your Instagram photo stream with just anybody. On this site, you can create a unique public page and have its link sent to all the people you want to share your images with. People will be able to vote and comment on what they see, and you must bear in mind they will be seeing everything in a way far more splendorous than a tiny mobile screen. Instagram at full size is something completely different indeed…

And people who see what you have uploaded can obviously “like” all that you are sharing, and begin following you. And you will be able to discover new people to follow yourself by looking at the comments and likes that you receive.

So, to all intents and purposes Pictajam is enabling you to have a free homepage where you can effortlessly tell your life in pictures. It will stand as an interesting service bar none until Instagram itself gets its web presence together. When that happens, the Pictajam team will obviously have to think of something new to retain their users, and make new ones interested in the service.

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