More – Wide Facebook Profile Pictures

  • January 14, 2011

PicScatter.comFacebook has started forcing people to adopt the new profile. Maybe that has just happened to you – you logged in as usual, and you were greeted with a completely different layout. And I am sure that after a while you agreed that there was no reason for concern at all.

I am also sure that something which caught your eye was the emphasis on images that the new profile has. Now, five small pictures are displayed right under your name. These are usually the five latest pictures you have been tagged in. But it is possible to do something more with that part of the profile. It is possible to have a wide profile picture placed there instead, taking up the five different spaces which are available

And if you are wondering how to do that, then look no further than this site. It will let you submit an image and have it sliced and positioned in that section of your profile. The process is free and painless. Well, it sure is far smoother than doing it all by yourself, and striving to make pixels concord with each other.

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