Picrap.com – Like Hulu For People Outside The US

  • June 14, 2010

Picrap.comThis is one for those who are situated outside of the US and who want to have access to a service like Hulu. Picrap is not exactly a full substitute, but it is quite comprehensive and a parallel can be drawn.

It currently aggregates over 1,000 TV shows from across the globe, and it pulls the content from several sources spread the width and breadth of the Internet. That is, Picrap doesn’t host any content itself.

And in addition to being able to access all these TV shows, you will be capable of watching full movies and the latest movie trailers in a fell swoop.

Finding something to watch is made somehow more intuitive by the addition of a “Tonight On TV” box that showcases listings arranged by channel. All the main channels such as FOX, HBO, Lifetime and Showtime are accounted for. And you can also check out the “Top TV Shows” list in order to try and find a new one to keep you at the edge of your seat just like “Los Sopranos” or “Lost” used to.

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