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  • June 13, 2008

Jodipicoult.comJodi Picoult is an American writer that was born in 1966. Her website features information on all the books she has published so far, along with the latest developments on forthcoming books.

Her newest title is a book entitled “Change of Heart”, and it tells the story of a New Hampshire death row prisoner that desires to donate his heart to the sister of his victim, who happens to need a heart transplant. Information on Ms. Picoult current book tours is likewise featured, and a schedule of appearances is detailed online. Other features include a photo gallery and a collection of MP3 where Ms. Picoult herself explains what was the inspiration for some of her novels and books, as well as giving advice for budding and prospective writers. Additional information can be procured by means of subscribing to Jodi Picoult official newsletter. Said newsletter goes by the name of “The Pi-Cult”, and registration is inexpensive. Recent issues can be consulted online, too. Jodipicoult.com

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