Pickv.com – A Dating Site Of Its Very Own

  • April 21, 2010

Pickv.comMany dating sites are nothing but enormous databases in which users are mostly matched based on their geographical proximity and some physical attributes. That is, these things that make for actually striking up a rapport are not touched upon.

This site aims to do something about that, as it shifts the emphasis towards actual shared interests and common ground.

This means that if you decide to give the site a try you would be matched with others based on the songs that you like, the kind of movies that you enjoy watching and the books that you read. You can also be matched with others based on the food that you like best.

Being matched like this has the added advantage of providing you with more than one point of origin to take conversations from – the true challenge of any first date. In the end, that is what this site is all about – making connections with a bigger degree of relevancy, and providing people with enough information to fuel meaningful and natural conversations the first time around.

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