GuitarElectronics.com – Guitar & Bass Parts

  • July 21, 2008

GuitarElectronics.comAre you looking for guitar and bass parts? Do you need new strings for your electric guitar? This online site provides plenty of information related to this company and the wide selection of products that they offer customers. It includes a section where visitors will find many different product categories such as electronic parts, guitar and bass pickups, guitar and bass strings, parts and hardware and guitar and bass wiring between many others.

Each one of these categories includes many different products and by selecting the one that you are interested in, you will find their product descriptions as well as their corresponding images and prices. Visitors will also obtain images and locations of their repair shops. If you are interested in buying their products online, you will also obtain useful data related to their shipping policies and rates. Visit this online site and learn all about this company and the many products and services that they offer. GuitarElectronics.com

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Seymourduncan.com – Improve Your Guitar Sound

  • May 8, 2008

Seymourduncan.comSeymour Duncan has dedicated his life to create the most identifiable guitar pickups and tones. He developed guitar playing skills, as well as the knowledge of how they work.

Knowing what a guitar mechanism is, made it easier for him to create one of the world’s most recognized guitar pick ups and tones. After some years of hard work, a bass line was also created. On Seymourduncan.com, you’ll find pickups for electric and acoustic guitars and basses, humbuckers, and many other supplies. There’s also a support option in which you’ll be able to inquire a “tone wizard” about your pick ups. A glossary and an audio sample are also available for you to learn more about the products. There are videos, interviews, news, and a forum where you can catch up with the Seymourduncan.com community. You can, of course, buy your pickups on line, or find an international place if you are not located within the US. Seymourduncan.com

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