Picklive.com – Play Fantasy Sports Online

  • July 3, 2011

Picklive.comWho said that fantasy sports are on the wane? Nonsense, playing such games is as popular as ever. Sites like this one do nothing but drive that point home. Check it out if you are keen on either football or cricket, you will get to sample fantasy sports playing at its finest. Basically, on this website you will be able to play a fantasy game with five of your friends over the duration of a real life match. Each player has to pay an admission fee (which depends on the price set for the match), and then the three teams scoring the most points are the ones winning a share of the prize pot. The one who comes on first wins 70%, the one who is second wins 20% and the one finishing third wins 10%.

Points are scored for passes, shots, tackles and other plays… It all depends on which game is actually being played, of course. When it comes to cricket, points are scored according to the runs the team pulls off, and how successfully it bowls.

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