PicFast.com – Editing Images From Your Browser

  • March 13, 2010

PicFast.comAre you still looking for the best image editor on the Web? If that is the case, I am not exactly sure if this particular site would compete for that accolade, but the fact remains that it is surely practical.

Using it involves little more than uploading your image and then choosing one from the many effects that are available on the main page.

There are not only a lot of them, but I must also add that some of them are really novel (and funny). For example, there is a “Joker” effect that will generate an image of Batman’s arch villain (as masterfully impersonated by the late Heath Ledger) holding your own picture in his hand, as if it were a card. Another superhero-related image you can come up with is that of Clark Kent tearing his shirt apart, only that your face will be displayed instead of the distinctive “S” underneath.

These are just two examples that I found not only entertaining but also representative. The one drawback the site might have is that you have little control over the actual conversion process once the picture has been submitted. You can, however, put it around the social web once the process is ready quite effortlessly.

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