More – Say What You Think

  • February 24, 2011

Phrot.comPhrot is a new website that makes for creating social discussions in a really easy way. On this site, anybody can publish a small post with his thoughts on anything and have others comment on it. Of course, he can also comment on what others are posting, until a true web of opinions, arguments and counterarguments has been woven.

People are enabled to discuss just anything. From politics and international news to sports and entertainment, it is all allowed.

And how are the best posts individualized? Easy: each post has a rating. Users of the site can vote these posts that they like up. As a result, the best ones make it to the top of the homepage, and stay there until new posts supersede them in popularity.

So, this is the kind of site for those who have things to say but who are yet to start their very own blogs, and who for any reason or the other are not keen on tweeting. Here, they will be able voice their thoughts in a context that lies somewhere in-between these two services.

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