More – Ask Others To Complete Your Phrases

  • June 22, 2011

Phraze.meOne day, our English teacher made us write short stories in a collaborative fashion. The idea was that each had to write for three minutes and then hand the sheet to the person sitting on his right. And when stories came full circle, then it was time to complete them for good. This new website brought all that to mind, as it is basically a resource where the main concept is writing collaboratively. On people are asked to complete single phrases that are penned by others. And the site also lets them submit their very own phrases and see in which directions others can take them.

Granted, the concept is not groundbreaking in any sense, but it is good for knowing what associations any phrase of yours can have. Personally, I think this will be particularly interesting to those who write poetry – they will be able to see where a single verse takes their readers. And this should work particularly well when it comes to the first lines of any poem they have written (or are writing).

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