More – Open Photo Contests

  • April 17, 2011

PhotoRush.comSimply put, PhotoRush is where people who are keen on photography can realize how good they really are at it. How? By taking part of competitions to which people from all over the world are welcome, and whose winners are chosen both by other users and a pro jury. enables users to upload their images to the site, and have them placed in as many different galleries as they feel would make them justice. And they can choose which competitions from the many that are constantly announced on the site they want to take part of, and have their photos entered into them at no cost. The only requisite for competing on is being a registered member of the site.

Still, it is not entirely impossible to take part of competitions without having an account. A series of daily contests are held on PhotoRush, and these can be joined even by those who have no PhotoRush account to go with. These should be enough to give anybody more than a hint of how everything works.

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