More – Share Photos Without Uploading Them

  • March 14, 2011

PhotoRocket.comPhoto Rocket is a startup that aims to simplify the way in which we all share digital photographs.

In order to accomplish that, its creators have targeted the one step of the process that usually takes the most time: the uploading of files.

On Photo Rocket, sending an image is as simple as clicking on it and selecting those you want to have it shared with. The recipient will get an email telling him to check the photo out.

As a result, the process of sharing images is reduced to something as basic as picking the person you would like to have a photo shared with. He (or she) will be notified about it, and access the photo simply by clicking on the link that will be put his way.

Photo Rocket works with all major photo sharing services on the Internet, and that includes not only Flickr but also social networking sites such as Facebook.

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