More – Hosting Your Images & Videos Online

  • November 25, 2009

PhotoRem.comServices for hosting your files and sharing them are nothing new, but they are as useful as ever. PhotoRem comes complete with all the functionalities that we associate with such services.

That is, through the site anybody can upload his images and have them organized in different folders, and these can then be shared with whomever he likes.

PhotoRem also has editing tools, so that if you want to make some adjustments such as cropping the images or even annotating them that is fully taken into consideration. Besides, photos can be shared by way of slideshows – you simply choose these pictures you would like to be displayed and away you go.

All accounts come with unlimited storage, and in addition to being able to upload pictures you will be allowed to store data such as documents and video files there. Supported documents include both Word files and PDFs, whereas the video formats that are supported are .mp4, .mov and .flv.

In final place, it is important to mention that Twitter and Facebook are already integrated so that if you want to share anything through any of these social titans you will be capable of doing it.

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