More – Where Disco Meets Art

  • August 16, 2012 is a fairly simplistic website. They do not offer any services; instead, they provide information about famous artists to whoever wants to learn more about art history. Andy Warhol, M.C. Escher, Claude Monet, Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, and many more artists are listed on the front page of the website. There are over fifty from which to choose, and this also includes a few famous photographers thrown in for good measure.

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About Digital Photography –

  • October 8, 2009

About Digital PhotographyAre you interested in the different secrets and techniques on digital photography? If so, you will find this blog pretty attractive. When it comes to optimizing the way your pictures look, you need to have the right data to accomplish that goal in an uncomplicated way and this blog seems to be a good resource for you to take a look at.

It is common to see that amateur photographers do not know about these secrets, but this is a good place for them to be well informed about them in order to improve their performance right away. Now you can shoot better pictures at About Digital Photography

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More – Connecting With Music Professionals

  • August 25, 2009“When I first started to record my first music album, I noticed that there was not a centralized place that I could go to search and hire music professionals..

. I needed to go to the guy that knew the guy that knew the producer and so on until I found the music professionals I needed to carry my project”. These are the words in which Henry Bueno (CEO of myMusic ircle) explains how this project came to be. He continues: ”I thought about myMusicCircle and thought that it could be the first Service Marketplace Auction for music industry professionals to do business and compete to be awarded project from clients with the available funds to hire them”. Now that the site has materialized, I can honestly say it has the potential to fulfill Mr. Bueno’s original vision. stands as exactly that: a service marketplace for music industry professionals. These professionals can create profile pages, and show their portfolios to the world along with their corresponding work terms. For its part, clients can post projects and hire professionals for the tasks at hand upon receiving offers and choosing a winner among them.

The website is fully functional by now, and forthcoming enhancements will include additional sources of revenue for those who become site users. I look forward to that addition, as I found the site really compelling in its current state, and I am sure that as soon as functionalities like those are implemented it will stand head and shoulders above related resources. I will keep an eye on it.

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GreatTalents.Com – Connected Creative People

  • February 2, 2009 is a dynamic community and a centralized resource for various talents, business professionals, and businesses in the entertainment industry.

Unlike most talent or business profiles, provides a complete set of information that would help members to create a beneficial profile.

All these profiles will be fully comprehensive and can be used at their own personal or business website.

This company is totally focused in helping people to market themselves by making available a big number of tools that will be very useful in order to succeed.

If you get to be a member of this community, you will be able to post your interviews and events to help bring exposure to your work and get support from the other fellow members. has a very good support from the entertainment industry, and you will enjoy navigating at this site.

The comments and good feedback about this community services make this site as a very good and interesting option for all those who are looking for this kinds of communities.

All the website’s features are been continuously improved on a monthly basis.


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More – Helping You Plan the Perfect Wedding

  • May 27, 2008

AllWedding.comHave you dreamed of the perfect wedding all your life but now that the special day is coming you don’t know how to go about planning? It’s not easy to plan a wedding, there are many different things to get done in order to have a beautiful ceremony and reception and if you don’t have the money or the inclination to hire a wedding planner you have to take care of all these things yourself. Many things make up the perfect wedding and if you don’t have help planning all the details can be overwhelming.

All Wedding wants to give you a hand and help you to realize your wedding dreams. On the site you will find wedding professionals such as photographers, florists, officiants, DJs, caterers, and more and hopefully find the ones that are right for you. You’ll even be able to ask an expert a question yourself and get personalized advice from all sorts of wedding professionals. If you need to find a vendor in your area All Weddings can provide you with a list of local vendors. Simply select your city and you’ll be able to review customer testimonials, FAQs, view work samples, and profiles of wedding companies. You’ll soon be on your way to celebrating that special day worry free.

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More – Help For Amateur Photographers

  • May 20, 2008

Takegreatpictures.comAre you a budding amateur photographer who would like to learn more about photography, how to get the most out of your camera and ultimately how to improve the quality of the photographs that you take? If the answer is yes then you can get a whole host of useful tips and advice without having to enroll in a photo class. There is a web site on the internet that offers its visitors a whole range of useful tips, hints and advice from expert professional photographers.

If you are interested, then the site you should be looking at can be found at This site is brought to you by the Photo Imaging Council and will give you all the advice you need from the professionals and the latest news on new products, events and photo competitions. If you need more convincing, the site is also endorsed by Henry Winkler who as well as being the Fonz is also a keen amateur photographer. So it must be cool, right?

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More – Lilith Gallery Of Toronto Online

  • April 22, 2008 links to three related places of interest: a feminist eZine that includes 1001 feminist links, the Lilith Gallery of Toronto, and the lilith eZine (containing articles shown in the Lilith Gallery).

The Lilith Gallery of Toronto has been online since July 2000. Its aim is to function as a library of information about both artistic movements and specific artists, and to educate people about these movements, showcasing artists that otherwise people might have not heard of. One of the characteristics of the Liilth gallery is that it includes every art movement, no matter its magnitude or scope. It also focuses a lot of attention on women artists. The contents of the site can be displayed by Century (that is, in a chronological manner), or by country & culture. The latter allows the visitor to browse through painters by nationality, and through art galleries of the world. Christian and Islamic art can be browsed through likewise. The user can also choose from a list of art movements and periods as different as Pop Art and Dada. Art manifestos like the Extropic Art manifesto and the Remodernism Manifesto can also be consulted online. Moreover, there is information on architects and architecture. An art glossary is also part of the site. Lastly, there is a list of artists themselves that is divided in the following categories: painters, photographers, printmakers, sculptors, women artists, and mixed media artists.

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Fashion – Where Aspiring and Freelance Fashion Artisans Showcase

  • February 29, 2008

At we bring together both aspiring and freelance fashion designers, photographers, models, and makeup artists to showcase their fabulous products and services that you just won’t see elsewhere.

We encourage you to get your own profile page today and strut your stuff in our runway area. It’s fast, free and easy! What better way to get the exposure you deserve.

You can also open your own Fashion Addix store and sell your creations to the public, and you’ll keep 100% of the profits.

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More – Display Models

  • February 27, 2008 is a site that is dedicated for models, photographers, makeup artists and designers.

At this site artists can promote their work by creating a portfolio that highlights their talent and experience. In order to become a user you must register first, then once you’ve done it you can create your portfolio. At the portfolio you can have a photo gallery that can feature 101 images of your work. What is more, DisplayMode helps you promote yourself, due to not only will people visiting the site can see your work, but you can post your portfolio url on any of your forums or blogs so that others can see it. In addition, at the site there is an events section where users can post auditions, fashion shows, or photo expositions. Every month features certain talented artists on the homepage, this gives you more recognition. So if you want to post your work visit this site.

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More – Modelling Business Worldwide

  • February 19, 2008

FashionGates.comAre you interested in the modelling business? Have you been searching for male or female models, or been trying to find the photographer who will take those perfect snapshots? Or by chance are you hoping to become a model, and you need to read up on information concerning the modelling world? In that case, enter and you will enter a web site that will fully emerge you in the modelling business.

This web site gives you the possibility to search for models, photographers, modelling agencies, fashion magazines and much more. Whether you are a model, a manager or simply a viewer who is interested in fashion, this site will definitely catch your eye. In case you have not been able to find what you need, the site comes equipped with a powerful search engine, allowing you to find almost anything. The simple organisation of the page will make your surfing it easier and all the more enjoyable.

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More – Free Site for Professional Photographers

  • February 16, 2008

PhotoBiz.comLet’s get started with a clear demo of what Photobiz is all about. Aimed to professional photographers this fascinating engine offers you the capability to create events where to load pictures taken by you, posted in order to be sold.

With just one click you can upload hundreds of pictures and take hundreds of orders online. It is certainly a smart way to innovate nowadays with a site that helps you work faster, more efficient, more productive and with more profits for your business and everything inside one single page. If you were looking for all these features and high quality customer service this is the engine you have to consider to reach with your art the next level. Showcase your studio in a free hosted website and start offering with your presence online the best photo proofing service for your clients.

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More – Services database

  • February 6, 2008

MarketingTool.comAre you in need of a photographer? Do you want to make your own website? Then you might want to check out this site and see what it has to offer because it could be just what you are looking for. This site offers a wide range of services, divided by country, from web design to photographers to copywriters.

Selecting a country will lead you to another page where you will have various links to the web pages of the service and the chosen country. Having a very simple layout with the information clearly divided into specific categories, this site helps you find what you came to look for with just one click. Containing an incredible database you can find whatever you need! So don’t hesitate and visit this page.

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More – Event Search Engine

  • February 2, 2008

wedj.comOrganizing weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays and more is a very agonizing job. Finding the right Djs, photographers and videographers is a full time job. is a dedicated site for Djs, photographers and videographers listings inside The United States. The site’s plain but successfully useful layout, which contains various search engines for different types of searches, permits you without difficulty to find available services on specific dates or states. On the left side of this site you may find the “Check you date” search engine, or at the centre of the page you may visualize a United States map for fast searches in your state. Without an amount of graphics this site provides a common and not outstanding layout with services of extreme utility.

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More – Network for Models, Actors, Etc

  • January 22, 2008

VideoModelPics.comVideoModelPics is a new social network for models, people with pretty faces and stellar physiques. This isn’t merely Myspace for hotties, at least that is not what it intends to be.

The basic gist is this: actors, models, musicians, photographers and the like create profiles in order to get jobs and to share their media (photos, blog posts, videos, etc.). As with every other network, there are forums, groups, games, chatrooms, and videoblogs. There’s a point system enabling frequent users to win prizes and stock up points for purchasing goods. For applying to jobs, users can send a prewritten cover letter with an email including a link back to their profile. Profiles can be customized using html and css and you can add stuff like and BunnyHero pets. Also, there’s an agency directory listing modeling, casting directors, stylists and other links.

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More – Terra Galleria Photography

  • January 20, 2008

Terragalleria.comAre you looking for pictures of flowers? Do you want to buy wallpapers of nature? In bot cases, you might be interested in this website. is a website that offers stock photography of different type including nature and landscape photos.

On Terra Galleria you can find everything from images of national parks, and pictures of nature to artistic images and food pictures. Are you looking for sports photographs? In that case, you can enter this site and get football pictures as well as basketball and golf ones.

As a conclusion, if you need free images for a project you might be interested in This site is a stock photography website where you can search for football pictures and food pictures in addition to pictures of nature and images of national parks. Feel free to visit next time you need free pictures of flowers and wallpapers of nature.

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More – Professional Photographers Solutions

  • November 28, 2007

Collages.netIf you are looking forward to provide clients with customized ecommerce websites and commercial DVD slide show presentations of differents events such as weddings, sports events, special events, reunions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate parties etc, is the best place to do so.

It was designed to help and provide professional photogaphers with total workflow solutions. You will be able to sell photographs online as well as to market your studio. The site provides you with collages Desktop in order to help you expedite the online posting process, making uploading, posting, reprint orders, and ordering additional products. It also features collages’ Color, partnered with a professional color lab, to make the whole process easier. A sample site is provided in order to see what’s on it. You can sign up for free and all prices are given for the different products. You will also find albums, high-end cards, gallery wraps, proof books, full service color lab, studio marketing, etc. You can also have access to its community site in order to take advantage of its professional tips, see their testimonials, etc.

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More – Displaying Models and Artists

  • November 7, 2007 is a space for models, photographers, makeup artists and designers.

At artists can promote their work by creating a portfolio that highlights their talent and experience. To become a user you must register, then you can create your portfolio. Create a profile that summaries your talents and experience. Then you have a photo gallery that can feature 101 images of your work. features tools to help you create your portfolio. helps you promote yourself, not only will people visiting the site see your work, but you can post your portfolio url on any of your forums or blogs so that others can see your portfolio. There is an events section where users can post auditions, fashion shows, or photo expositions. Every month features certain talented artists on the homepage, this gives you more recognition. You can search for talent by key words. also has many books, articles and tips that can help with career decisions. is a great place to get noticed and to find great talent.

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More – Wedding Ideas

  • October 20, 2007

www.Brides.comAbout to get married? Looking for the perfect wedding dress? Still haven’t decided where to go in your honeymoon? Need some planning advice? If so, this is the site you have been looking for. Brides.

com provides you with comprehensive wedding information. You’ll find wedding dresses, jewelry, tuxedos & suits, hairstyles, makeup & skin care, destinations for your honeymoon, everything about the wedding party, and much more. The site also allows you to tell them where your party is going to be, and they will give you info about local reception sites, florists, caterers, photographers, among many others. You can save everything you find interesting in what they call “My clippings” for 48 hours, but if you become a member you can save the info for longer. You can also subscribe to their weekly newsletter in order to receive the latest ideas and trends to make your big day memorable, with expert advice and tips from others brides.

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