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  • February 1, 2008

Photobooks.comPhotoBooks provide easy-to-use solutions in a rapid time frame for reasonable fees. Whether you need print or internet marketing materials, improved internal communication, data collection/management, specialized website features, or a host of other common issues, PhotoBooks can help you.

The website has a nice and simple design in where the information is easy to find and without many words that could get lost. It’s cool that all the employees appear in the website with a complete info about each one (position, email, professional background, education, hobbies) and with a picture of them, is very nice that you could pickup the person that will help you with in a project. PhotoBooks offers a wide range of web-based products including sophisticated internet directories fully integrated with every aspect of a website, web-based print-on-demand directories and entire websites complete with a content management system. Obviously the website products are to the entire world.

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