More – Like Hot Or Not For Photographs

  • May 3, 2010

PhotoBattle.meHot Or Not was a true craze when it first surfaced in the year 2000. Many sites aping the concept were to crop up over time, and as a matter of fact they still keep coming at a steady rate.

If you dismiss that notion, let me just introduce you to the PhotoBattle website. It is a brand-new resource that can be defined very succinctly: it is a Hot Or Not for random images.

That is, upon visiting the site you are presented with two utterly random photos for you to vote the one you like best out of the pair. Now, the “utterly random” denomination couldn’t be more accurate: when I checked it out, the first thing I came across was a picture of a scantily-clad woman pitched against what could only be defined as a photo of an open road that would have made the characters from “Easy Rider” proud.

I have to say that until a better algorithm is devised the site is going to be little more than a passing curiosity. And (I hate to sound as damning, but it is the true) the Hot Or Not fever has somehow subsided by now. The timing of this site is a bit off to me.

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