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More – Creating & Sharing Slideshows Online

  • July 28, 2009

PhotoSnack.comPhotoSnack is an online resource that let users create and share photo slideshow presentations along with online photo galleries. By default, PhotoSnack contains several customizable templates, and using it is an intuitive task.

Embeddable Flash widgets can be created and put about in an equally effortless way, so that the slideshows can be accessed by a public as wide as possible.

This is also a perfect solution for professional photographers or designers to promote their works online through high-quality portfolio presentations and professional photo slideshows. They can even add their logos and use their online portfolios in any way, and publish them wherever they want.

In principle, PhotoSnack can be used for free, but a premium version is included and the slideshows created through it come without watermarks. Should you need further information simply pay the website a visit at and see if you can come up with some slideshows to write home about. Also, you can check out the provided video introduction in case you want to know more before getting down to creating something.

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More – Personalized Pictures and Slideshows

  • July 22, 2007

PictureTrail.comWant to make looking at pictures of you an d your friends fun? Register at and you’ll be able to personalize pictures, adding glitter, texts and even caricaturize them.

You can also create a slideshow, picking a design out of more than 25, whether it be Floating Pics, a Carousel or a 3D Cube. After you’ve created it, you can post it in any website or social network like Myspace, Friendster and hi5. You can also add music to your albums to make them cooler, whether it be a song that reminds you of a trip or yours and your boy/girlfriend’s song and create a screensaver with the slideshow you picked, all by completing a short and free registration form.

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