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Your Key To Mastering Photoshop –

  • September 18, 2009

Your Key To Mastering PhotoshopSimply put, Photoshop Star is an online repository of tips, guidance and information as regards the ever-popular image processing solution. The available content is split into categories such as “Graphic Design”, “Photo Effects” and “Resources”, whereas newcomers are well-advised to get started by perusing the “Photoshop Basics”section.

The posts range from general ones (like the ones found in the section named “Photoshop Basics”) to posts dealing with very specific concerns, like the ones about creating marble text effects and professional-looking advertisements.

On the other hand, if you are a seasoned Photoshopper yourself and you feel like there is a contribution you could make in terms of tutorials and general guidance, just head straight to the section entitled “Contribute” and share your insight. Your Key To Mastering Photoshop

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More – Photo Distortion Tool

  • July 5, 2008

Gooifier.comMuch like Photoshop’s Liquefy feature, Gooifier allows you to upload photos to their site and distort them for some hilarious results. The photos that you “Gooify” are displayed in a public gallery at gooifier.

com, and users can comment on their favorite modified photos. There is currently a mix of celebrity and every-day photos on the site modified in sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing ways. To “Gooify” a picture simply click on the upload thumbnail and then either upload from your desktop or capture a new photo with your webcam. Next, stretch, bloat or pucker your photo to make yourself look like anything from an alien to someone who hasn’t eaten in a very long time!

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More – Upload Photos and Add Effects

  • June 13, 2008

Dumpr.netIf you are looking for funny digital photo effects, you can try Dumpr is a really fun site that lets you alter your photos and then save them or share them on your favorite social network. Simply upload your photo and then choose from an extensive list of tools. These tolls will allow you to place your photo on a museum wall, turn your photos into a Rubik’s Cube or into an artist sketch.

Do you want to get a sketch from a photo? With you will have the chance to get an artist sketch of a photo, to turn photos into jigsaw puzzles, or get photos inside a photo. So, if you want to surprise your friends with a photo with fun effects, remember to visit

To sum up, whether you are searching for a place where you can get fun digital photo effects, feel free to visit This site will allow you get an artist sketch from a photo or turn your photo into a jigsaw puzzle.

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