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More – Chat In A Photo Booth

  • July 18, 2011

BoothChat.comSome might say that there is not a lot of room for innovation as far as chats are concerned, that ChatRoulette was the final frontier to be crossed. But others are bound to disagree, and keep on pursuing whole new directions. The ones who came up with BoothChat did, and created something which is surely good fun to use. It is not hitting as hard as ChatRoulette did, for the simple fact that ChatRoulette relied heavily on shock value, but that doesn’t make BoothChat any less of a commendable service.

Essentially, what BoothChat enables people to do is to chat by snapping photos. The idea is that those who use the site can both create and join random booths, and interact with the people there by making faces at the camera while they are typing away.

These booths can be created for free, and in order to have your very own (or join another person’s) all you must do is to sign in via Facebook or Twitter.

All in all a fun, new way to chat with people from all over the world. It is not a groundbreaking service by any stretch, but it sure is fun to use.

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More – Rent Photo Booths

  • April 15, 2011

SnapshotzPhotobooth.comLooking for a photo booth in Los Angeles, Chicago or New Jersey? Well, this is the right rental company to check out. SnapShotz covers all these territories, and offers quality booths at excellent prices.

All of the photo booths rented by this company use the latest digital cameras and professional printing technology. They can take an unlimited number of photos, and you can request the one you are renting come with a curtain in a specific color.

Besides, the company sells scrapbooks, pens and related supplies to make the experience of attendants that much richer and more memorable.

These booths can be used in events of just any kind. Obviously, weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and high school proms are the ones coming to mind more immediately when thinking of the possible applications for these phone booths. But there is no reason why they could not be used on fundraisers and charity events of every type.

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