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Photographers Should Check Out Photographist For Inspiration

Photographers Should Check Out Photographist For Inspiration

Photographist is a photo blog that collects beautiful images from around the web.

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Get Great Pictures –

Pictures are great, aren’t they? In case you are looking for good pictures of some of the most beautiful places in America, this is a good blog for you to accomplish that goal. The blog was created by Brian Murphy, who is a talented photographer that gives you the chance to take a look at some of his best images. This is a simple blog that was specially designed to provide you with an enjoyable experience. Based in Bloomfield, New...

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Cool Photo Ideas is a consumer based photo e-zine that is focused on bringing the latest trends in photo display, photo gifting, printing options, contests, and more to consumers. This is not a how-to take a photograph blog, but what to do with your photographs after you take them. The site offers everything from do it yourself articles to feature reviews from a variety of vendors and services to gift guides. If you are a photo lover...

Read More – Your Life in Photos is exactly what the name indicates: a photo blogging service, a site which allows users to create a blog to post their pictures or images. Creating one’s personal blog is free and simple, as is uploading material, and users get a personal URL under the form User’s entries are categorized by name, date of publication and tags, and some users include a short script explaining the pictures or...

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If you want to share your photos with friends, or get in contact with people from different part of the world,, you can post your photos, one to six per each day. The only thing you need to do is to create an account. Then you can create your own personalized photo blog, upload up to six photos per day and share them with friends. And finally invite your friends to visit your blog and post comments on your...

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