More – Recording & Delivering Audio Cards

  • October 26, 2010

PhoneGreetings.comGreeting and birthday cards are lovely and always will be, but if you really want to show someone that you really care then you have to up the ante. And this website will let you do it.

Phone Greetings will let you have audio cards recorded and delivered to whomever you want, both by phone and by email. Audio cards suitable for all occasions can be created – birthdays (and also belated birthdays!), weddings, anniversaries, holidays… and the actual audio tracks are recorded by true voice talents. Besides, it is possible to have musical messages recorded and delivered, and they will be taken care of by industry professionals.

Not only is using Phone Greetings more impressive than sending a mere card, it is also much better from the point of view of the environment, as no natural resources are being used. So, you will be able to show the ones who you hold dear how much you care without generating the waste associated with the printing and delivery of traditional cards.

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