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  • February 3, 2012 is where you can download and read about an app for your iPhone that records outgoing calls and keep a record of them. The app is available too on the App Store. It seems a useful tool for people who are making business calls frequently, and need to have them recorded.

It is not likely that you’ll be recording a call from your wife or husband about one asking the other to get milk on his way back from work. However, it may be useful to keep a recording of a call in which a price was negotiated over the phone, so that you can later refer to it in case some disagreement appears. To each his own, anyway, and once you have PhoneTap you will be able to use it as you please.

Once you install the app, it displays a dial pad for you to dial the number of whom you wish to call. The app is integrated with your phone book also, so you can make your calls by directly tapping your contacts. Then, you’ll receive an incoming call, which you must accept to be in direct contact with the person you wanted to call.

That conversation then will be recorded, and a voice will warn the other party of that situation, which is always good to avoid some bad reaction if they find out afterwards. The usual iPhone features can be used here too, like the speaker or the mute function.

The files generated from recording your calls can be shared instantly with other iPhone users and also sent through e-mail in case you want to have them in your computer. As well, the app will keep a history of your calls with their date and time, so that you can check them any time you need.

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