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  • August 10, 2009

PhoneFreelancer.comFreelancers have hundreds, probably thousands of sites where they can find assignments, and also be found themselves. The one under review right now is one of those, but it has a distinctive feature: it is specifically for phone application development.

As it was to be expected, two main sections are included. One is geared towards employers looking to outsource any application development job, and the other is the one devoted to developers themselves.

Although it might be obvious, it is still important to mention that every brand and type of mobile device is already supported. This includes not only iPhones but also Backberries and Androids.

A screening process ensures each application is scrutinized, the work of the developer is reviewed, and if the screening team determines so the individual will be able to bid on projects at the website.

Mobile development is a teeming field right now, with Apple and its rivals always trying to outplay each other, and with every social service on the web trying to go as mobile as possible. As such, there are enough individuals on the WWW right now that will be able to maximize this resource, and provide it with a sustainable base.

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