More – A New Tweeting Alternative

  • January 6, 2010

Phitter.comPhitter is a new tweeting alternative that is actually presented by actress Kirstie Alley. This micro-messaging platform has one concise aim, actually: let people talk about weight loss (Alley herself has had quite a story as far as that issue is concerned).

The main value or point of interest I see in this service, and the main reason I am reviewing it here today is because I wonder if this is going to become a new trend, and we are going to see alternatives to Twitter to go with each and every celebrity. Will we see Britney’s Twitter followed by Ashton Kutcher’s and so on? A sarcastic fellow could also ask if we are going to see Twitters in the vein of “Malcolm McLaren’s Twitter teaching you how to manufacture your own band”. I guess that it all will be possible.

For the time being, you can give this one a try. You know how to use it already. While this does not score any points on grounds of novel usages, I give it credit for dealing with a health issue that is far from negligible.

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