Philsp.Com – Galactic Central Bibliographies

  • June 5, 2008

Philsp.ComPhilsp.Com is a website that was originally dedicated to bibliographies, specifically those related to science fiction and fantasy authors, and introduced a list of fiction magazines as a useful reference.

However, this latter list grew and grew with time and it now occupies about 95% of the website. It is divided into three different section: authors, magazines, and oddments. The authors section covers bibliographies devoted to a single author, concentrating on those who have devoted most of their output to the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. The magazine section attempts to document all known fiction magazines, in varying levels of detail. As there are more than 6000 of these, they are also organized into various different subsets for those who, for instance, are not wildly interested in 19th century magazines. And the oddments section just contains any other bibliographies that seemed to be of passing relevance to the previous section, not least bibliographies of bibliographies in those categories. Philsp.Com

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